LP Aventure Unveils 4-Piston Brake Kit: Expanding Performance Options for Subaru Enthusiasts

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LP Aventure Unveils 4-Piston Brake Kit: Expanding Performance Options for Subaru Enthusiasts

LP Aventure Unveils 4-Piston Brake Kit: Expanding Performance Options for Subaru Enthusiasts

LP Aventure has once again raised the bar with the release of their 4-piston brake kit, designed to enhance both performance and aesthetics for a range of Subaru models. Compatible on the 2024 Crosstrek and Crosstrek Wilderness, 2022-2024 WRX , and 2019-2024 Forester, LP Aventure's latest innovation opens up exciting possibilities for customization and performance upgrades. The highlight of that kit is our exclusive and genuine pair of rotors. Our new rotors are the result of extensive research and development, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and durability.


LP Aventure custom ROTORS for our 4-Piston brake kit


  • Enhanced Performance: LP Aventure's 4-piston brake kit represents a significant upgrade over stock braking systems, providing improved stopping power and fade resistance. With four pistons working in unison, these brakes offer more even pressure distribution, resulting in shorter braking distances and enhanced control, particularly during spirited driving or off-road adventures. Whether navigating winding mountain roads or tackling rugged terrain, Subaru owners can now enjoy a heightened level of confidence and safety behind the wheel.
  • Compatibility with 15'' Wheels: One of the standout features of LP Aventure's brake kit is its compatibility with 15'' wheels, a game-changer for enthusiasts seeking a unique aesthetic or off-road capability. By accommodating smaller wheels, this brake kit opens up a wider selection of tire options, allowing for increased sidewall height and improved off-road performance. Additionally, the ability to fit 15'' wheels provides Subaru owners with greater flexibility when selecting aftermarket rims, ensuring that they can achieve the perfect balance of style and functionality for their vehicle.
  • Seamless Installation: LP Aventure's commitment to quality extends beyond performance and aesthetics to include ease of installation. Designed with precision engineering and compatibility in mind, this brake kit seamlessly integrates with the Crosstrek 2024, WRX 2022-2024, and Forester 2019-2024, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free installation process. Whether tackling the job yourself or enlisting the help of a professional, Subaru owners can trust that LP Aventure's brake kit will fit seamlessly and perform flawlessly, enhancing their driving experience from the moment they hit the road.

With the release of their 4-piston brake kit, LP Aventure continues to push the boundaries of innovation within the Subaru aftermarket community. By offering enhanced performance, compatibility with 15'' wheels, and a range of customization options, this brake kit empowers Subaru enthusiasts to elevate their driving experience to new heights. Whether seeking improved stopping power, enhanced off-road capability, or simply a more striking appearance, LP Aventure's brake kit delivers on all fronts, reaffirming their position as a leader in the world of Subaru performance upgrades.

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  • Dave

    Any chance of making them for the 3.6r legacy?(2019)

  • Clark

    Will bolt pattern for 2024 Crosstrek of 5×114.3 be used? Or good old 5×100? When will this be available?

  • Henry

    What is the rotor size and thickness? Does the backing plate need to be trimmed or bent? It states that it will fit 15 inch wheels, but how about the 17 inch wheels? What is the minimal clearance offset?

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