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Enjoy the outdoors and adventurous drives through uncharted terrain? Well then, you know you need UR ("you are") mud flaps for your 2018+ Subaru Crosstrek XV. Resistant yet ultra-flexible, Rally Armor has set THE standard in strong, impact resistant urethane construction mud flaps for lasting protection for your Subaru. 

Combining prized elasticity despite temperature fluctuations and long term durability, Rally Armor URs yield naturally to road conditions. These direct fit mud flaps provide excellent coverage against paint damaging road debris all while avoiding unnecessary, painstaking customization and drilling; simply utilize the supplied hardware and precision engineered brackets to mount the flaps. 

Get long wearing protection against grit, gravel, mud, snow and most of the road's and weather's worst conditions. 

Each Rally Armor UR mud flap set for the 2018+ Subaru XV Crosstrek includes 4 UR mud flaps for all 4 corners of the vehicle, mounting instructions, brackets and hardware. 

Please note that 1 set of mud flaps in the shopping cart = 4 flaps, accompanying hardware and instructions. 

Made in the USA
Fitment Note | 2018+ Subaru XV Crosstrek

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